A spin off application – I wonder how many of these there are out there

So, in looking at our booty call application, we realized we were only addressing a nice of the novelty dialing market, so we started to brainstorm.  We could have made several derivative applications, but we settled on just one – the drunk dialer (or iDrunk Dialer) as it will be named.

Again, what’s a post without some screen shots:

Kudos to Craiggers the Beard for knocking out some more killer graphics.

What I found, though, was that if you don’t originally architect your code to be modular in a certain way, it becomes really difficult to unravel the knot.  I was left with a choice between two evils…

1.  Risk the integrity of Booty Caller but maintain one code base.

2.  Make a side by side branch of the code and replace elements of Booty Caller

I chose 2.  However, this presents a bit of a difficult task moving forward, as I am going to have to be diciplined about making bug fixes in both applications.

That said, copying an XCode Project is not a simple task.  A couple of things that caught me…

1.  Of course, you need to go into the iPhone development portal and get some new provisioning profiles.  This will be obvious the first time you try to put this on your device.

2.  If you change from release build to debug (or vice versa) you’ll need to change the application target name in your target settings.  I chased this one for a little while

3.  Be sure to update the executable name, otherwise your old app name will show up once the application is downloaded to the simulator.

Really, this is an experiment… how much can I get out of a single code base.  When I am developing apps in the future, should I be considering several “skins”?  How will Apple react?  Will one outsell the other, or is there a base level of sales that “all” applications can expect.

I’ll keep you posted.

P.J. the Pony


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