An update – iDrunk Dialer rejected but still alive

So yesterday I heard back from Apple on iDrunk Dialer – and the news was mixed.  The application was rejected due to inconsistencies between what the app delivered and what the marketing materials said.  The contentious statement was regarding the “length of conversation” feature…

The way that the feature works is that before making a drunk dial, you choose the desired length of conversation.  When you add contacts, you are asked to specify how long a conversation is likely to last (a minute, a while, all night).  On the backend, the “random” selection is modified to choose only the contacts that fit the profile…

For example, let’s say I’m adding my friend Charile to my list.  Charlie is a talker, so I specify him as an “All Night” conversation.  If I set my slider to “A Second”, then the app will not call Charlie – simple as that.

Here is an exerpt from the email from apple:

“The application description for the application states that the user can “choose the length of conversation”, however, using the slider on the main view has no affect on the call…

In order for your application to be reconsidered for the App Store, please resolve this issue and upload your new binary to iTunes Connect.”

I changed the description, checked in the same binary, and now my fingers are crossed.  Woo hoo!  Progress!


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