Too HOT for the iPhone App Store

Many of you are asking what material Apple found offensive in “Booty Call”… our best guess is the “handbook” portion of the app.  We have since resubmitted with that feature removed, but for those of you loyal blog readers, here’s the content that was just too sexy for the iPhone.  Put the kids to bed, and get the cold showers ready:

Tips for the successful booty call:
1. Always know her schedule before you call
2.  The majority of the booty calls need to be at her place. A good rule of thumb is 3 to 1, average three meetings at her place for every one meeting at your place.
3.  Make sure you sleep over the first time, and then apply the 2 to 1 sleepover rule when developing a booty call relationship. You should average one sleepover for every two times you don't.
4.  If it's the first call, talk for about 5 minutes before testing the waters. If it's not the first call, keep the talk under 3 minutes... she knows what you're after.
5.  Start with "Can I come over?"
6.  Is she asks you why you want to come over, try "I just want to see you for a little while."
Common excuses you might encounter:
* She is tired -- You'll have to play this one by ear and listen to her tone of voice. If she doesn't sound tired, follow up with the, "I just want to see you for a little bit" line.
* She is going out that night -- tell her you'll come by after she gets back
* She has to do some work  -- say you'll come by after she's finished

Stay cool, kids.

P.J. the Pony


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