First day of sales – I’m not exactly a millionare yet…

So after all that, iDrunk Dialer sold a grand total of…. wait for it… 9 copies in its first day.  For those of you who are math wizards, this equates to about $6.30 of raw profit.  When I spit things up 3 ways – 10% for the idea generator  Jamie B. (Bearded Pony policy) and 45% each for Craig the Beard and for P.J. the Pony, I walked home with  a grand total of $2.81.    At this rate, it will take me just under 974 years to make that illusive first million – I guess when they say the first million is the hardest, they are not joking.   Here are some of the factors contributing to what I would consider a lackluster debut:

1.  The app store has been just plain wonky the last couple of days.  I don’t know if anyone else out there is experiencing similar issues, but I’m pretty sure that this has been going on for a week or so.  iDrunkDialer has not yet shown up in the Entertainment section even if you look at latest releases.  I have noticed that apps have been randomly appearing and disappearing here.  Also, the search returns different results at different times – for example – sometimes if I search for “drunk dial” we come up, sometimes we don’t.

2.  There have been a few signs lately that the app store gold rush may be ending.  More specifically, there is an awesome post from Owen Goss that just got picked up by Slashdot.  The fact that a sweet game like his is not picking up steam is further proof that a silly app like mine really has to get lucky.

3.  A couple of similar apps hit the store just a week earlier.  Granted, ours is better in my humble opinion, but the drunk dial audience is likely not too discerning.

So, honestly, I’m counting on a couple of things to help us out.  I still think that Booty Caller (which was added today to the iPhone App Graveyard – thanks Peter!) is going to be a more successful app, and iShake It has promise.  Right now, Bearded Pony is in a full on development frenzy, and the hope is that we can crank out enough of these guys that one will it it big… either that, or we’ll have to actually work for a living.

P.J. the Pony


2 responses to “First day of sales – I’m not exactly a millionare yet…

  1. I don’t necessarily believe the gold rush is over… i think just the market needs to mature a bit more.. the example of the 4.99 app, might prove more on the limits of the pricing model and what people expect out of their apps. Maybe. Or the gold rush is indeed over.

    • Yes, the App Store has been broken since March 4th, the day I released an update to Jiggle Balls. I still fade in and out of the lists. They definitely have rsyncing issues.

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