Apple holding up iShake it – a sign that faces will be in iPhone OS 3.0?

So, I have been doing a bit of research, and my friends, things are not good today.  I started reading, and the email that I quoted in my prior post about iShake it Camerarequiring unexpected additional time for review” is not good news – not at all.  Best I can tell, that emain is well known among iPhone developers as the kiss of death – well maybe not death – but maybe just the kiss of the undead.

Here are a couple of example.  Apparently, the makers of Peeps received this email shortly before being rejected for using a private API.  Apparently, Vanilla Breeze had an application that made the LCD look cracked, and apple rejected that.  There are countless others on google, but the crux is that if you get this email, you are F***ed.  Period.

Apparently, when one of the app reviewers thinks there might be an issue, but isn’t sure if there are grounds for rejection – this email gets sent out and then the app sits in a strange zombie state, just groaning and sleuthing around in Cupertino searching for brains… so what could have been the issue?  With Booty Caller,  I expected some resistance, but I expected iShake it to sail right through…
Well, I think it’s just a coincidence.  Apparently, Apple released iPhoto ’09, and in that version, they released a feature called faces that recognizes and tages the familiar faces in your photo album.  The view of these faces strongly resembles the iShake it photo (i.e. a polariod style picture on a corkboard background).


That said, it seems strange that apple would reject an application because it uses a similar background as one of their apps.  The function and purpose is totally different. All of the images in our app were originally created and therefore totally legit.  This raises the question – is this happening because Apple is rolling the “faces” feature is coming to the iPhone is OS 3.0?  Just a thought.


P.J. the Pony


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