Initial impressions of iPhone OS 3.0…

Hey kids…it was SXSW here in Ausin, so I was on vacation from Bearded Pony last week.  That said, I installed iPhone OS 3.0 on my phone last Tuesday, and after a week of using it, I have a couple of impressions – remember I have the older iPhone, so I can’t use MMS…

1. How did I ever live without cut and paste.  There are a few uses that I totally didn’t even think of until I used it.  For example:

  • I sent out a text to several friends, then realized I needed to add 2 more
  • My son was in Disneyworld with his grandparents, and he emailed me about the “Tower of Terror” ride – I was able to look it up on google images really easily
  • I booked a flight on southwest and needed to check in online.  Luckily I had an email with the record locator number

2.  You can TOTALLY tell this is beta software.  It’s sluggish right now – seriously so.

3.  Right now, there appear to be issues with the sound APIs because a bunch of the applications that use sound are acting weird.  For example, I use Night Stand as my bedside clock, and I noticed that the alarm sounds sometimes don’t play.  The same is true for my apps – it looks like it is possible to crash the sound libraries through normal operation.

4.  The UIImagePickerController has changed so more of the image is visible.  No real opinions here, but something that was different.

5.  I still haven’t used the Voice Memo native application for anything other than playing around.  I’m sure that there will be more use for it, but I haven’t found it.

6.  The landscape keyboard makes text messaging and (especially) emailing much easier – I just keep forgetting that I have that option.

7.  The new stocks landscape option is pointless.

8.  Search is cool, but it doesn’t search the contents of the emails, just the subject an sender/recipient.  Still useful overall, but not quite as useful as the built in search in gmail.

9.  My battery life has suffered – I would guess that the 20% estimate by apple is pretty close.

Overall, even with the killer new features, I wish that I would not have upgraded.  This is primarily due to stability issues and performance – even though the 3.0 software is a fun toy, when it comes down to it, I need my phone to work.

Until we meet again,
P.J. the Pony


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  1. Thanks for this post.

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