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Got ideas? Here’s how we work…

So, in the past couple of weeks, I have received several inquiries about application development for people who have their own ideas for iPhone apps but don’t have the programming or design expertise.  We here at Bearded Pony have a couple of options.

1.  You tell us your idea.  If we like it, we will develop it and give you 10% of the profits.

2. You pay us to develop the app for you, and it’s yours thereafter.  This is a great option if you have cash, but just so you know, the going rate for an engineering month of development (i.e. 120 hours of development and 40 hours of support) is about $20,000.

If you’re interested, just let us know…

P.J. the Pony


Drinking out of cups… seahorse seashell party

So, I realize that this is off topic, but sometimes when you discover something, you just want to share it.  Such is the case with the YouTube sensation that is “Drinking out of cups”.  If you’re thinking what I thought when I first heard about it – no it’s not dirty.  Do yourself a favor, play it 2 or three times.  It gets funnier.

So the reason I am so excited about this video is that it has given me a ridiculous amount of fodder for facebook status updates, tweets, or even picoblog posts.  That’s awesome.  I estimate that I will be able to continue to update my facebook status for at least a month exclusively with quotes from this video.

Here are some particularly awesome suggestions – feel free to cut and paste if you want to join me:

“Thinks he’s…thinks he’s got it going bossa nova. No way – hehe – no way.  What is this garbage?”

“Oh I’m king of the trees.  I’m the treemeister.  I count on them.”

“This guy thinks he captain knots.  Thinks he’s captain tying knots.  When everyone needs some knots tied they go to him.”  ”

“Who’s this guy?  Mister Balloons.  Mr. Balloonhands.  No way.  No way!  Get real.”

“Mr.  Walkway.  Mr. Walkdownme I’m the walkway.  Lead me to the building.  F*** you.”

“5,6,4,3.  Yeah right.”

“Who paid for that floor?  Not me.  No way.  Never payin for no floor ever again.  Not once.  Not never.”

“That’s not my chair.  Not my chair not my problem.  That’s what I say.  No way.”

“Lighthouses rule.  If you don’t like the lighthouse, you suck.”

“What is this seahorse captain?  What a seahorse seashell party?  Who didn’t invite me?  Why didn’t I get invited seahorse seashell.  What is this?  Get real.”

“I love Seahorses, and I love lookin’ at em, and I love seashells.  I love seashell things.  I love things with seashells and Seahorses on em like blankets and towels and little bags.  I love em.  Seahorses forever.”

You’re welcome,
P.J. the Pony

Apologies and…. Black Book Caller LIVES!!!

So first of all, I’m sorry that I have been absent the last week or so.  I was in California for Embedded Systems Conference and make an appearence at 7 Bamboo Karaoke.  This was totally epic, yet slightly distracted me from my bearded pony endeavors by the likes of Prince and Mr. Big.  So with that, I would like to re-embark on our blogging relationship with no hard feelings.

Now, on with the newses.  First of all, with many attempts and zero responses from the Polaroid corporation, Bearded Pony has decided to resubmit iShake it Camera as a free app… not because we want to, but because it seems like such a waste to keep it in the review queue.  Yesterday, I sent the word to Apple as so, we should be seeing it soon.

Second, and the bigger news – Booty Caller is live… sort of.

We at Bearded Pony decided to take the honorable way out and remove all references to “Booty” from the application and call it Black Book Caller.  You can buy the app here – it’s 99 cents. Please buy it.  Please.


We have a couple of more apps in the pipeline, and one of those is going to be huge.  Right now, I am working on an RSS reader, so next time I will blog about how to create one of those.  In the meantime, if you’re curoius, I’ll be starting here.

Finally, we are on twitter.  So if you are in our posse, and you need to know what dive bar we’ll be watering our holes, check it.

Baby baby,
P.J. the Pony