A new member of the family…

First of all, we have a new member of the Bearded Pony family.  In the future, I will be serving as Chief Technical and Financial Officer, Craig the Beard will be serving as the Chief Creative Officer, we have brought in heavyweight marketeer and motivator Fisher “the Swisher” Floyd as our Chief Marketing Officer.  Why Fisher the Swisher?  Watch this video and you’ll have no further questions:

Also, we have submitted two more apps to the store – one is sports related and the other can give you access to the world’s most feared hand-to-hand combat weapon.  More later.

P.J. the Pony


One response to “A new member of the family…

  1. How could you not hire Fisher after that performance? You’re lucky the Mavs didn’t steal him first! Did you see an ounce of care in his face while he was draining four in a row? Kid’s got ice water in his veins.

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