Another heartbreak from Apple… UPDATED!!!

UPDATE: iLogan is LIVE!!! Apple actually called me (thanks Apple!) and explained the problem.  Really silly, but understandable – they asked that we don’t reference any public figures in the description of the app.  No problem!


I guess we should have seen this one coming.  We created an awesome (albeit simple) iPhone app called iLogan. The app basically gives you some sweet adamantium claws so that you can totally wreck some stuff.

Anyway, we received yet another “requiring unexpected additional time to review” email, so I imagine that we will be receiving an explanation in the next week or so as to why it was rejected.  Bumsies.

P.J. the Pony


2 responses to “Another heartbreak from Apple… UPDATED!!!

  1. Did you have to do anything after you got the requiring unexpected delay message? I just received that email after submitting my first app. How long do you think I will have to wait for a response? Thanks.

    • Hi Chris,

      No… there’ really nothing you can do at that point other than wait. It usually takes an additional week or two. Please let us know how it turns out.


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