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Too hilarious not to post… Apple rejects StreetLingo for their own dirty searches (note – this post is rated ‘R’)

So I thought that this was funny… months ago, Street Lingo was rejected for having lewd content.  For those of you who are sensitive to bad language, please don’t read on.  One of the features of the app is to search urban dictionary and return the results in a sweet looking iPhone UI (good work Craig the Beard).  Here is the email I received from apple:

Dear  Mr. Tanzillo,

Thank you for submitting Street Lingo to the App Store. We’ve reviewed Street Lingo and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store at this time because it is not appropriately rated. Our review indicates that the application content is not consistent with the current rating. Please refer to the attached screenshots for additional information.

Okay…seems reasonable.  We were rated at 12+ for profanity, but maybe we should have been at 17+.  I can see that.  I open the attachment and what is the offensive content that they referenced?

Apple's email rejection for street lingo had this attached.  Hilarious.

Apple's email rejection for street lingo had this attached. Hilarious.

There were a couple of others, but the idea of posting them makes me blush.  Now, who doesn’t want a job where he has to search over and over again for the word “motherfucker”… Seriously, that’s priceless.

P.J. the Pony


It’s not all bad… mostly bad, but not all

Hey kids,

P.J. the Pony here.  I can’t let fisher steal ALL of my blogging mojo…

So we received the kiss of death  on App #2.  This one is a little curious – the app is basically a voice recorder, but it does so when the phone looks like it’s off.  The idea is that you’re in a meeting, and you’re negotiating terms to your new 3-year contract with the Cincinnati Bangles.  They offer $2mil a year with a $4mil guarantee, but you’re Ocho Cinco – you deserve at least $5 and $5.  So what do you do.  You say “Child, please.  I’m gonna take a bio break.”  You leave your iPhone on the table, the screen is blank, so it looks harmless.  What the idiot GM and his lawyers don’t know is that you are recording every word.  You listen back to what they said while you were in the bathroom, and you hear that your jersey revenue alone is $25 mil more than any other player.

With that info, you up your price to $10 and $10, the GM eventually gives in and you finally buy that iced out gold grill you have been wanting.  Kiss the baby, people.  Kiss the baby.

Baby #1…

So much for a perfect record for our little app babies. Yesterday we got what we have come to term “the kiss of death” from Apple on one of our new, old apps:

Dear Paul,

Your application, iShake It Camera, is requiring unexpected additional time for review.   We apologize for the delay, and will update you with further status as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience.

iPhone Developer Program

Total Horse S*&# – there currently sits another app approved in the app store which is made with the same general principles which I will not name in fear of endorsing someone else’s product.  Not that I will never do that, because there are some really awesome apps out there that I think everyone should know about – but in this case it is a direct competitor with us and I am a little sour because of the “kiss of death”.

0 for 1 – on the round of new apps. updates on the rest as they come in.


Fisher the Swisher

In the meantime enjoy – I’m the Juggernaut Bitch!! NSFW

Blogosphere here I come…

This is my first blog ever!  No I am not a dinosaur, though I think  I could be with enough practice.  So this has been a gigantic week for Bearded Pony…we have a ton of awesome apps in the store under review as we speak – or is it, as I type (still not sure on my blogging lexicon) – anyways, Apple is the king of rejecting us for stupid reasons, but for some reason my gut is telling me all of the new babies have a solid chance of getting accepted for sale on the first attempt.  My gut works 60% of the time, everytime. I will check back in with the stats on acceptance when we hear from apple.

In the meantime enjoy this video a childhood friend made whilest out in LALA land pursuing his dreams as an actor/musician.



Bearded Pony’s Blog is coming back….

Hey kids… it’s been a while but we’re coming back soon.  Fisher the swisher and Craig the Beard are ready to blog your brains out, and you know P.J. the Pony will match them blow for blow…  you better bring an extra pair of sox lest your be blogged off.

P.J. the Pony