Baby #1…

So much for a perfect record for our little app babies. Yesterday we got what we have come to term “the kiss of death” from Apple on one of our new, old apps:

Dear Paul,

Your application, iShake It Camera, is requiring unexpected additional time for review.   We apologize for the delay, and will update you with further status as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience.

iPhone Developer Program

Total Horse S*&# – there currently sits another app approved in the app store which is made with the same general principles which I will not name in fear of endorsing someone else’s product.  Not that I will never do that, because there are some really awesome apps out there that I think everyone should know about – but in this case it is a direct competitor with us and I am a little sour because of the “kiss of death”.

0 for 1 – on the round of new apps. updates on the rest as they come in.


Fisher the Swisher

In the meantime enjoy – I’m the Juggernaut Bitch!! NSFW


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