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Great News!

IT’S A BOY!! Don’t have the words to describe my excitement…is there an app for that?


Alotta FaChina

Or in the case…not much FaChina. APParently the new frontier for iPhones has already been conquered by cheap knockoffs and exact replicas coming out the back door of Apple’s manufacturing facilities in China.

It blows my mind that we create the majority of their commerce yet they always give us the finger…

Crazy numbers…

App sales going to $11 billion by 2014…yep with a B!

Emoji’s are free, but thousands of people pay…

It’s crazy how uneducated consumers are, emoji’s are free little icons pre-loaded on every iPhone after 2.2, yet thousands of people buy the emoji app for a buck.  With only an ounce of research people would be able to figure that out, but I guess people’s time is worth more than  a buck…wish we had “made” that app.  If you want free emoji’s on your phone download spell number and put in the secret code – not that secret cuz it’s in the description of the app.  You’re welcome.

SXSWi 2010 – Bearded Pony Presentation

Hey everyone,

Thanks to everyone who cam out to the Hilton yesterday to hear the “iPhone Development: Myths and Facts” talk that I gave as part of SXSWi.  What an awesome experience… between meeting the other speakers, listening to their talk, and the very positive response… a great time was had by all.  Big thanks to C. Enrique Ortiz for setting the whole thing up!

A lot of folks have asked for my slides, so I have posted a pdf.  You can download them here:

iPhone Application Development: Facts and Myths

If you plan on reposting them, I only ask that you let me know first because, you know, it’s good to have context.

P.J. the Pony

SXSWi talk is tomorrow at 12:30

Hey folks,

Can’t wait to see everyone at my SXSW talk tomorrow… it’s at the 12:30 at the Hilton, and it’s part of the Future15 series of sessions of the future of Wireless technologies.  Should be pretty cool.  I’ll update this post with a link to the slides once they are published.

For those of you on the fence, the talk is called “iPhone Application Development: Myths and Facts”.  I am planning on using some of our apps as a case study to discuss some best practices that we have learned based on the last 12 months or so of app store sales.

Here are the myths:

Myth: If I have a website, I should have an app for that
Myth: Features are the best way to differentiate my app
Myth: Apple is obtuse and unreasonable
Myth: Apps are marketed like any other product
To hear the whole talk, including some sales numbers for Street Lingo, come on over to the Hilton.

Wish me luck!
P.J. the Pony

Check out the new website…


…thanks to the lovely and talented Nicole McGarry for her design skillz – and you thought she could only make awesome looking cakes.  As a show of my gratitude for all of the hard work, I think that I’m going to marry her.  What can I say, I’m a giver!

P.J. the Pony