Animoticons is the new Black

Our new app Animoticons is the shiz. Our other apps have gotten a decent amount of poor reviews, but not this one…everyone seems to love it. And with good reason. Who doesn’t want to send a winking smiley with a rockstar mullet to their friends? or a grilled out yellow faced thug?  The first 10 people who reply to this post will get Animoticons free!


12 responses to “Animoticons is the new Black

  1. I have received several messages with these in them, and as much as I am hard to impress with litty bitty ditties like this – I really like them!

    Good job!

  2. Seen the app on the app store, looks awesome!

  3. The app is awesome. No need to give it to me free because I Happily paid for it! Just one question…is it possible to send you suggestions for animoticons we would like to see added? And if yes, who can we send our suggestions to?

  4. My wife’s iPhone doesn’t receive the animation. I see it on my messages as sent, but it doesn’t show up on hers. Help! Does this count as one of the first ten replys? Thanks for guidance.

  5. I wish mine would work… I love this app

  6. Mine won’t work !
    I paid for it, click on the animoticon I want… get the magnifier, then…….

    NOTHING ?!
    What should I do ? How do I cut and paste ? Why isn’t there a demo to see how it’s done.
    Very frustrating and it doesn’t save favourites either.

  7. I should add…
    I really love the emotis and WOULD be very happy with my purchase if I could get it to work – what am I doing wrong ?

  8. Is there any way to get these working on custom Iphone IM apps like whatsapp?

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