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Please don’t kill Matt Parker and Trey Stone…



The Future’s so Bright…

True. The Pony and I have not had much time to delve deep into our regularly wondrous dialogs about the iTampon so why not do it bloggerly.

When I got my iPad I didn’t know what to do with it…other than look at it in wonder.  Once I got passed that initial phase, I went straight to the app store.  There are not a billion iPad apps like there are for the iphone  so not knowing where to start, I just bought everything.

The elements app, although pretty useless for anyone not currently taking chemistry classes, is B E A utiful.  The imdb app is waaay better than the iphone version and pacman and tetris are classics.  Though all of these things are cool, where I think the revolution lies is in media…as in newpapers, magazines, comics, books, etc.

The USA today is a free app that gives you your daily paper in a perfectly designed format.  It even has the little perferated top edge to make it look like an actual paper.  This could be the revival of the “printed press”.  Newspapers all over the country are losing subscribers to the internet – I see the iPad as a way to get those subscribers back and increase profitability.  Think about it… cut your overhead on ink, paper, machinery, manufacturing space, delivery etc. and deliver a beautiful digital paper for the same price and all of a sudden your margins skyrocket.

Of course this is operating under one giant assumption and that is that people everywhere will adopt the new technology.  It will take time – but I am confident that this is the future.

Another great avenue of digital media is magazines and so far no one I can tell has converted to the ipad better than popular science.  I have been a subscriber since the fourth grade and believe me they live up to their name when it comes to the ipad magazines. They are identical in content to the print version using what I see as a perfect interface.  It is bright and beautiful and totally interactive.

Marvel takes the cake for me for digital delivery.  They have essentially created their own store within the store where you can buy, sample and subscribe to their comic book series.  This is where everyone will be going in the future.

Speaking of the futre – here is my pop sci – 25 years in the future prediction…. remember lugging around all of those 500 page textbooks in your backpack in high school and college?  Well those days are soon to be gone.  I think every textbook will be converted to tablets and and carried on one ipad or ipad like device.  Total information, totally interactive, totally portable… and NO TREES.

I gotta wear shades.


iPad neck will not deter me

This thing is pretty sweet…

So both Fisher the Swisher and I got our iPads this week, and although I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about his experience so far, mine has been mixed. Now be forewarned, this isn’t your typical mixed review where I say stuff like “the interface is beautiful and snappy but I wish adobe flash was supported.”. If you want that, read one of the billion tech blogs out there.

Instead, I want to talk about my emotional and physical health since I purchased my iPad. Let’s start with the good news – emotional health. My iPad makes me happy, and I can say that this is it’s most tangible use. Lots of people ask me why I purchased it… What do I intend to use it for? I guess I feel like those people just don’t get it. I’m laying in my bed right now watching the masters and blogging. Could I have used my laptop for this? Of course. Would I be? Probably not. The iPad isn’t at all about what you can do – it’s how you do it. I love the little pitted patter that my fingers make on the screen. I love swiping around on the screen just to see what happens. The iPad just makes me smile.

However, my physical health hasn’t been quite so glowing. Specifically, I have developed a nasty case of iPad neck. Seriously. Since most of the time sent with the device is looking down, ergonomically, I haven’t figured out the best way to use it. The result has been an absurdly stiff neck- like Frankenstein stiff.

I see this story ending one of three ways. Perhaps I figure a new way to hold my new toy that is more conducive .to my natural posture. Maybe I remain stiff necked forever, and I will tell my children’s children about the old days when I could turn my head from left to right. My hope, though, is that I develop superhuman neck strength, and that future P.J. will look as if his shoulders are connected directly to his ears. Kinda like this guy…

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