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Bearded Pony on Ellen!


Animoticons is the new Black

Our new app Animoticons is the shiz. Our other apps have gotten a decent amount of poor reviews, but not this one…everyone seems to love it. And with good reason. Who doesn’t want to send a winking smiley with a rockstar mullet to their friends? or a grilled out yellow faced thug?  The first 10 people who reply to this post will get Animoticons free!

iphone apps

Apps are an amazing thing…no matter how crappy or useless we think an app is; the laws of great numbers say someone out there is going to buy it – different strokes for different folks and folks can spare a buck!  So, there naturally comes the question; produce a bunch of crap and fill the shelves or create apps that inspire us?  We choose the ladder.  -Fish…that’s not to say we aren’t inspired by crap sometimes 😉