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Bearded Pony on Ellen!


iPad neck will not deter me

This thing is pretty sweet…

So both Fisher the Swisher and I got our iPads this week, and although I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about his experience so far, mine has been mixed. Now be forewarned, this isn’t your typical mixed review where I say stuff like “the interface is beautiful and snappy but I wish adobe flash was supported.”. If you want that, read one of the billion tech blogs out there.

Instead, I want to talk about my emotional and physical health since I purchased my iPad. Let’s start with the good news – emotional health. My iPad makes me happy, and I can say that this is it’s most tangible use. Lots of people ask me why I purchased it… What do I intend to use it for? I guess I feel like those people just don’t get it. I’m laying in my bed right now watching the masters and blogging. Could I have used my laptop for this? Of course. Would I be? Probably not. The iPad isn’t at all about what you can do – it’s how you do it. I love the little pitted patter that my fingers make on the screen. I love swiping around on the screen just to see what happens. The iPad just makes me smile.

However, my physical health hasn’t been quite so glowing. Specifically, I have developed a nasty case of iPad neck. Seriously. Since most of the time sent with the device is looking down, ergonomically, I haven’t figured out the best way to use it. The result has been an absurdly stiff neck- like Frankenstein stiff.

I see this story ending one of three ways. Perhaps I figure a new way to hold my new toy that is more conducive .to my natural posture. Maybe I remain stiff necked forever, and I will tell my children’s children about the old days when I could turn my head from left to right. My hope, though, is that I develop superhuman neck strength, and that future P.J. will look as if his shoulders are connected directly to his ears. Kinda like this guy…

Animoticons is the new Black

Our new app Animoticons is the shiz. Our other apps have gotten a decent amount of poor reviews, but not this one…everyone seems to love it. And with good reason. Who doesn’t want to send a winking smiley with a rockstar mullet to their friends? or a grilled out yellow faced thug?  The first 10 people who reply to this post will get Animoticons free!

iphone apps

Apps are an amazing thing…no matter how crappy or useless we think an app is; the laws of great numbers say someone out there is going to buy it – different strokes for different folks and folks can spare a buck!  So, there naturally comes the question; produce a bunch of crap and fill the shelves or create apps that inspire us?  We choose the ladder.  -Fish…that’s not to say we aren’t inspired by crap sometimes 😉

Blogosphere here I come…

This is my first blog ever!  No I am not a dinosaur, though I think  I could be with enough practice.  So this has been a gigantic week for Bearded Pony…we have a ton of awesome apps in the store under review as we speak – or is it, as I type (still not sure on my blogging lexicon) – anyways, Apple is the king of rejecting us for stupid reasons, but for some reason my gut is telling me all of the new babies have a solid chance of getting accepted for sale on the first attempt.  My gut works 60% of the time, everytime. I will check back in with the stats on acceptance when we hear from apple.

In the meantime enjoy this video a childhood friend made whilest out in LALA land pursuing his dreams as an actor/musician.



Reasons to be rejected/removed from the iPhone app store…

Well, some of you may have noticed that the BoSox Clock is no longer in the app store… MLB sent us a letter asking us to remove the BoSox name and the hanging sox logo from the app, and because we didn’t get the letter right away, we pulled it just to be safe and resubmitted it under the name “BoClox”.  Hopefully it will be met with equal enthusiasm… we have a Cubs themed Clock coming soon too… my personal fave so far.

This incident has caused me to reflect about all of the reasons that we have been rejected/refused/delayed for sale in the app store.  Here they are to the best of my recollection:

1.  Inappropriate sexual content – booty caller was rejected for the word booty, best we can tell.  It was later accepted as Black Book Caller. Generally, these emails simply quote one of the sections of the iPhone SDK agreement, but don’t give specific reasons…

2.  Marketing material not matching application functionality – we used some ambiguous language in the description of iDrunk Dialer.  The app reviewer minsunderstood one of our feature descriptions and rejected the app for having incomplete functionality

3.  Trademark infringement – along with MLB, Polaroid blocked our iShakeIt Camera application for using the white border.  This one was difficult because Polaroid was totally non-responsive to our inquiries about licensing the design, so we had to just let the app die.

4.  Missing controls – this is really dumb of me.  When moving back and forth between the 3.0 SDK betas and the 2.2.1 SDK, something messed up and my labels disappeared in the alarm view of BoSox Clock (or BoClox).  I was never able to get them back, so I had to delete them and re-add them as images.  This goes to show that you always need to test one last time before you submit.

5.  Application icon not matching app-store icon.  This is something that is not explicitly stated in the rules, but is pretty strictly enforced by Apple – basically, these need to match to avoid user confusion.

6.Using/referencing public figures – we learned our lesson on this one.  We had iLogan unexpectedly delayed because we has a list of people you could maul included in the description such as U2, Chuck Norris, Britney Spears, etc…  Apple was nice enough to call about this one, and so we immediately removed the offending characters and moved on.  Our app iJump to Conclusions Mat also fell victim to this – we used a screenshot of Tom S from the movie and that shut us down.  That’s another one that we just let die.

7.  Referencing the price of the app in the description – this is a new one for us, but it makes sense.  In the international store, the prices are different, so even if the app costs 99 cents in the U.S., it may cost $1.29 in Canada.  Therefore, to avoid confusion, we removed all references to the price in the description.

Hopefully, I won’t be adding to this list any time soon.

P.J. the Pony

Another heartbreak from Apple… UPDATED!!!

UPDATE: iLogan is LIVE!!! Apple actually called me (thanks Apple!) and explained the problem.  Really silly, but understandable – they asked that we don’t reference any public figures in the description of the app.  No problem!


I guess we should have seen this one coming.  We created an awesome (albeit simple) iPhone app called iLogan. The app basically gives you some sweet adamantium claws so that you can totally wreck some stuff.

Anyway, we received yet another “requiring unexpected additional time to review” email, so I imagine that we will be receiving an explanation in the next week or so as to why it was rejected.  Bumsies.

P.J. the Pony