Ever wonder what a phone full of Bearded Pony apps looks like??

Well wonder no more!  Keep an eye out for this banner at SXSW because when you see it, you’ll know we’re buying some beer for you!  Details to come!


New Rules from Apple on “Keywords”

Add this one to our list of reasons to get rejected by the iPhone app approval team.  Here’s the whole sordid story.

In the early days of the app store, everything in your description of the app (5500 character limit) was indexed as part of the search, and you could change that at any time.  Obviously, some people (including  us) would abuse this fact and include things in the description that don’t really apply to the app, but are commonly searched in the app store.  Our best example of this is the genius description that Fisher the Swisher wrote for iLogan (our X-Men inspired claw app that was ripped from the store by Marvel faster than you can say “Adamantium”).

Just think of all the people you could maul…. Here’s a short list:

….Amy Winehouse, Superman, Popeye, Bluto, Kermit the Frog, Osama Bin Laden, George Bush, Harry Potter, Star Trek Trekkies, the whole cast of “The View”, Perez Hilton, Wesley Snipes, Chuck Norris, Madonna, Alex Rodriguez, your wife, my wife, Ashton kutcher, Mel Gibson, … etc etc etc

And that’s why Fish makes the big bucks.  The more questionable (and less hilarious) version of this was people saying “Great for people who like XXX,XXX” where they would just list the top 20 apps.

Apple quickly (and rightfully) locked this down, and instead of indexing the descriptions, they started to index only the title of the app and a set of keywords.  Furthermore, they limited the keywords to 100 characters, and they are only available for update when you update the app.  Apple keeps pretty tight control over those keywords, and you’ll get rejected for putting anything that is either unrelated or copyrighted in the keyword field.

The name of the app became even more important, and so we (and others) figured out that you could put your most important keywords in the title of the app.  “Animoticons” became Animoticons + Emoji | Animations for Animated MMS Messaging”.

Apparently, this loophole is now closed.  Here’s a notification that we just received for our 4.0 based texting app formerly called “Quick Text | From Work to Sexy Fun | Automatic MMS”:

Thank you for submitting Quick Text to the App Store.  We’ve reviewed Quick Text and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store because your app name contains keywords.  iTunes Connect now supports Keywords under Manage My Applications to allow developers to establish application search criteria.  Please remove all keywords from your app name and enter them in the iTunes Connect Keywords field.  Once you have done so, please resubmit your binary for review <http://itunesconnect.apple.com/>.

Best Regards,

App Review Team
iPhone Developer Program

I can’t say that I blame them.

P.J. the Pony

We Did It – Animoticons cracks the top 100!

Cross it off our iPhone bucket list!  Bearded Pony is officially the proud owner of a top 100 app… you know what they say – 21st time’s a charm!

Top 20, here we come!

P.J. the Pony

28 Days Later…

As much as I love my iPad, the magical machine made me wonder how many other people would feel the same way….well that question has been answered – 1 Million! Apple has sold 1 Million iPads in 28 days – that’s way faster than the first iPhone (which I honestly did not expect).  Maybe it’s the non ATT exclusive agreement or maybe its just a more developed market now…who knows but either way it’s kinda awesome.


ipad01 Funny Ipad Manipulations

Please don’t kill Matt Parker and Trey Stone…



The Future’s so Bright…

True. The Pony and I have not had much time to delve deep into our regularly wondrous dialogs about the iTampon so why not do it bloggerly.

When I got my iPad I didn’t know what to do with it…other than look at it in wonder.  Once I got passed that initial phase, I went straight to the app store.  There are not a billion iPad apps like there are for the iphone  so not knowing where to start, I just bought everything.

The elements app, although pretty useless for anyone not currently taking chemistry classes, is B E A utiful.  The imdb app is waaay better than the iphone version and pacman and tetris are classics.  Though all of these things are cool, where I think the revolution lies is in media…as in newpapers, magazines, comics, books, etc.

The USA today is a free app that gives you your daily paper in a perfectly designed format.  It even has the little perferated top edge to make it look like an actual paper.  This could be the revival of the “printed press”.  Newspapers all over the country are losing subscribers to the internet – I see the iPad as a way to get those subscribers back and increase profitability.  Think about it… cut your overhead on ink, paper, machinery, manufacturing space, delivery etc. and deliver a beautiful digital paper for the same price and all of a sudden your margins skyrocket.

Of course this is operating under one giant assumption and that is that people everywhere will adopt the new technology.  It will take time – but I am confident that this is the future.

Another great avenue of digital media is magazines and so far no one I can tell has converted to the ipad better than popular science.  I have been a subscriber since the fourth grade and believe me they live up to their name when it comes to the ipad magazines. They are identical in content to the print version using what I see as a perfect interface.  It is bright and beautiful and totally interactive.

Marvel takes the cake for me for digital delivery.  They have essentially created their own store within the store where you can buy, sample and subscribe to their comic book series.  This is where everyone will be going in the future.

Speaking of the futre – here is my pop sci – 25 years in the future prediction…. remember lugging around all of those 500 page textbooks in your backpack in high school and college?  Well those days are soon to be gone.  I think every textbook will be converted to tablets and and carried on one ipad or ipad like device.  Total information, totally interactive, totally portable… and NO TREES.

I gotta wear shades.