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Apologies and news..es…. Black Book Caller LIVES!!!

So first of all, I’m sorry that I have been absent the last week or so.  I was in California for Embedded Systems Conference and make an appearence at 7 Bamboo Karaoke.  This was totally epic, yet slightly distracted me from my bearded pony endeavors by the likes of Prince and Mr. Big.  So with that, I would like to re-embark on our blogging relationship with no hard feelings.

Now, on with the newses.  First of all, with many attempts and zero responses from the Polaroid corporation, Bearded Pony has decided to resubmit iShake it Camera as a free app… not because we want to, but because it seems like such a waste to keep it in the review queue.  Yesterday, I sent the word to Apple as so, we should be seeing it soon.

Second, and the bigger news – Booty Caller is live… sort of.

We at Bearded Pony decided to take the honorable way out and remove all references to “Booty” from the application and call it Black Book Caller.  You can buy the app here – it’s 99 cents. Please buy it.  Please.


We have a couple of more apps in the pipeline, and one of those is going to be huge.  Right now, I am working on an RSS reader, so next time I will blog about how to create one of those.  In the meantime, if you’re curoius, I’ll be starting here.

Finally, we are on twitter.  So if you are in our posse, and you need to know what dive bar we’ll be watering our holes, check it.

Baby baby,
P.J. the Pony


The beginning of the beginning… Booty Caller is born

So, we here at Bearded Pony software have submitted our first iPhone application to the store.  It’s called “Booty Caller” and we are pretty pumped about it.  Here are a couple of screen shots to get your juices flowin’

I am an engineer by trade, and overall, I have been extremely pleased with the development experience and the APIs that have been developed by Apple.  I can appreciate that not every component has an API – it’s better to give developers a robust API for 50% of the peripherals than a half-baked API for all of the peripherals.  Based on our (albeit limited) experience, there are a couple of tips that I can already give to the budding iPhone application developer.

1.  Tab bar icons – these are a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Make sure that they are grayscale png files with transparent backgrounds.  The recommended size is 30 x 30.  If you don’t make them transparent, they won’t show up.

2.  Certificates and provisions – this has been by far the weirdest part of the development process.  It seems like a lot of mindless clicking that could easily be automated.  The best advice that I can give here is that if you ever come across a code sign error, just cut your losses and start over by deleting everything from your keychain and generating all new keys.  It’s not worth it to troubleshoot, and the forums and apple support can’t really help.  It’s shady, but honestly, I lost a week messing around with them and I could have been up and going in 1/2 hour.

3.  I stumbled upon some weird errors when returning control to the application from some of the supplied view controllers from apple (for example, the PeoplePickerNavigationController or the ImagePickerViewController).  Sometimes, the properties of my IBObjects (like font size, hidden, etc) would go back to default settings for no discernable reason.  So here, I recommend that you take nothing for granted and set all of your object properties again when returning from the controller… just to be safe.

4.  Videos are the best way for me to learn.  This is simply becasue it forces me to actually follow along and type the code instead of copying and pasting.  Not the most efficient ,but the best for learning.  Here are a couple of the best resources I found:

http://iphonedevcentral.org/ – these kids put together some really useful infomation for beginners and intermediates alike

http://icodeblog.com/ – totally awesome step by step tutorials – these were great for learning about Tables and Contacts especially

http://daringfireball.net/misc/2007/07/iphone-osx-fonts – a useful list of fonts on the iPhone

More to come,

P.J. the Pony